Me, Lake Moraine, Banff - September 2018

Me, Lake Moraine, Banff - September 2018

Who Am I? (work edition)

I am passionate about building products 🛠, developing highly functioning (& fun) teams 👥, and [hyper]growing technology businesses 📈.

I have worn many hats 🎩, from BD/Sales to Product Marketing, across the full gamut of environments, from my own company to Facebook.

📝A bit more detail:

👨🏼‍💻In 2011, I started Sherline Media, a consultancy helping large businesses / startups with growth marketing & product development (among other things!) Learn more about that here.

💼In 2013, I joined Facebook in New York City, where I spent five years across a variety of roles, from Chief of Staff to Sales & Business Development to Product Marketing.

🔭In 2018, I moved to San Francisco and left Facebook to join a fintech startup called Affirm. Here I lead inbound & outbound Product Marketing for our newest payment/loan and marketing products.

Who Am I? (personal edition)

My name is Conner Drew Sherline. I’m from Orange County, CA originally, but I’ve spent the past ten years in many places around the world. Including, Dallas, London, Manahttan, Brooklyn, and now SF.

My ultimate passion is travel ✈️, followed by food 🌮, wine 🍷, coffee ☕️, photography 📸, and meeting new people. My favorite things to do are ski ⛷& hike. I am equally a fan of the outdoors 🏞 & the big city 🏙

My main partner in crime is Kirsten or as I call her, Kiki 💏. We met in 2011 and have been inseparable since. We are getting married in October.